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When A Date Night Between Two Becomes A Night Neither Will Forget

Couple getting hot at a muddy spot
With all inhibitions out the window, we...

Many of my friends sing the praises of adult dating services and they tell me that its really improved over the past couple of years. I decided it was time for me to get off my butt and, instead of fantasizing my life away while sitting at home, I gave adult a try. The truth was that I was freshly divorced but only after an entire decade of monotony and emotional distance so I was rearing to get back out there.

The long and short of it is that it seemed that I had nothing to lose. After registering on an adult dating site, I spend some time creating a profile, updating it with current photos and then…the wait began. A few days later, my adult dating online inbox was full of messages and I began the screening process most women go through: no one illiterate, people without photos need not apply and someone within my zip code please. The final nail in the proverbial coffin, for me anyway, was anyone looking for a “long term relationship”. Hello? Again, freshly divorced — I wasn’t looking for anything too serious with adult dating.

Back And Forth And Back Again

Eventually, I created a shortlist. After a few back and forth emails full of flirty details, I settled on this guy who seemed very easygoing and was really cute to boot — Jess was his name and he had been adult dating for a while now. We emailed back and forth and, once that was successful, we transitioned to phone calls. His voice was sexy and we both agreed that our interests were piqued. Before I knew what was happening, we pinned down a date for our impending date night. Dinner and drinks at a classic Italian restaurant — it wasn’t the most inventive but I’m not too picky of a girl.

I remember it clearly: it was a sultry night in mid-August so I wore a sleeveless cotton sundress, black, with a slip up the thigh. It looked both innocent and daring at the same time and was definitely one of my more popular outfits. Finished with my favourite pair of spiky black heels, I was definitely ready for some fun. I skipped the bra, though — it was way too hot! As I keyed my car shut, I began to walk toward the restaurant thinking about Jess. But when I looked up, I saw him sitting on the park bench right in front of the restaurant. Thankfully, he looked just like his picture. As he stood up and smiled, I could tell he was pleased to see that I looked exactly like my pictures too. We gave each other a quick peck on the cheeks and headed inside. The evening went really well.

And So The Evening Begins...

As ate our meal and drank our beers, we also kept sneaking sly glances at each others bodies. In the course of that one night, we spoke about anything and everything that struck our fancies like our childhood memories, career ambitions, families and on to our failed marriages. Inevitably, we landed on sex — but it wasn’t awkward at all!

I felt really comfortable with Jess and I could tell he felt the same way because our conversation moved easily from what we liked in the bedroom to what we still had yet to try. I didn't say it then but our conversation left me feeling incredibly horny and it wasn't too long before I wanted to drag us both out of the restaurant and get our fucks on. But Jess was on the same page as me and he suggested we get out.

It couldn’t have come sooner and we paid our bill and headed out to the parking lot. He walked me to the car and before I realized what was happening, his tongue was dancing in my mouth. I was enjoying it! I pulled back for a breath and he reached for my car door and opened it for me. Jess leaned in and pushed the automatic lock so that the passenger side was accessible, and giving me a playful tap on my ass, he came around to the other side of the car and got in.

Jess casually said, “If we're going to do this, let's do it right! Start up your car and take a left out of the parking lot." He seemed to know exactly where he wanted to go, and I was more than ready to follow his instructions. Anything that would get us to the finish line, I remember thinking. Except, Jess was feeling playful.

While I was driving and he was directing me, his fingers had been stroking my pussy. I told him that I could hardly concentrate while being as good as finger fucked but Jess just laughed and said, ”We're almost there". Within a few minutes we pulled up alongside a quiet, deserted park. It was well after midnight and the park was closed, but who cared?

I turned off the ignition and Jess quickly hopped out of the car and gestured that I should follow. I kept up with him as best as I could in high heels as we descended a small embankment and treked cautiously into the middle of the field. The ground was so soft that I could feel my heels sinking in a muddy spot, but barely cared. We reached the far end where there were enough surrounding trees that the moonlight was not casting light across us, and we immediately grabbed each other and kissed deeply, all inhibitions out the window.

A Grand Finale

Jess lifted my dress to my waist and told me to bend over. I did so, and as if was the most normal thing to do, I grabbed both of my ankles and waited for him to please me. The air was hot and sticky and we were both perspiring from our intensely frenzied appetites for each other. Without warning I felt a sudden plunge of his finger into my hole, and I scream in ecstasy. His finger inexplicably felt better than my ex's cock, and I was soon begging for him to insert another. I lifted my dress the rest of the way off, and resumed the bent over position he want me in, standing in nothing but heels.

I was so desperate for an orgasm I begin to play with my clit. Jess saw me and said, "Oh yeah, baby, masturbate for me while I jerk off on this fine ass of yours!" I was so turned on by his words I rubbed faster and harder with my right hand while my left hand was still holding fast to my left ankle. His fingers continued to poke in and out of me, and I heard the slurping of my cum with each thrust, and I felt it trickling down the back of my thighs. I never knew how much I could cum in one encounter until now. Jess said, "Baby, your little pussy is so fucking wet I'm using it to lube my cock” The more I heard my cum making slushy sounds as he stroked his big hard cock, and as he fingered my cunt repeatedly, the more my senses began to intensify.

Soon, I lost my sense of reality and I forgot that I was in a public park. I forgot that people's houses were near and that there were cars driving by, I forgot that this was a man I only met hours ago, and I entered into that state of arousal that violated all aspects of decency.

I couldn't explain the intricacies or complexities of the sensations that were racing like pandemonium throughout my entire body, and I surrendered to the orgasm as I cried out loud and a gush of my previously suppressed secretions flowed freely from their safe harbor down my inner thighs. It mixed with Jess’s own cum, sprayed from his own erect cock all over my ass and thighs…it was exactly what I needed.

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