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The First Encounter

My name is Jake, and I am 35 years old. I was in a nasty relationship that had left me drained both emotionally and financially. It had been a bitter experience, and she had hired the best lawyers in town.

Hot naked man with woman kissing him on the bed
She moaned with pleasure as she continued to kiss me.

We did not have kids, so I did not have to worry about that. However, I was still apprehensive about getting into any more relationships. It had been almost two years now since and one thing that I missed about that relationship was the sex I used to get. I am a financial analyst at a major bank, and there is never much time to go out on dates. In fact, I had not had any in almost six months when I happened to land on the perfect date.

It all started out by coincidence. An email landed in my inbox, and I decided to check it out. It was an invite to join an adult dating site, which one of my friends had sent me. I think they had noticed my recent streak of bad luck and they had decided to help. However, I quickly closed the email and headed home as my day was almost over. However, when I got home, I decided to get on social media for a while. I got curious about the link I received and decided to open it. The adult dating site turned out to be okay.

My Streak of Luck Begins

When I registered onto the adult dating site, there did not appear to be much happening. The first few tries were a hit and miss. The women seemed uninterested in anything I had to say. However, I decide to give one more try before bed. It turned out to be my lucky day. She was new to the city, and she did not want any commitments either. Her college boyfriend had let her down, and she felt bad about the entire mess. We would often talk about many things and found that we related on many levels.

However, she was a bit wary about giving her details to strangers. I had to remind her that the adult dating site had security checks, which ensured users were safe. After talking for a while, I went off to bed and did not give it much thought. Over the weekend, I logged in and found that the lady had developed an interest in me. After a few more exchanges, she agreed to give me her contact information. She also sent me her photos, and I was impressed by how pretty she was.

I was surprised that such a beautiful girl could be on a adult dating site. After talking for a while, we agreed to go out together. However, we both subtly knew that we were in this only for the sex.

Our First Date

The sky was clear and my date with Monique seemed like it would go perfectly. I was quite excited to meet this beautiful angel. I arrived earlier for our date and waited for her to arrive. She was even prettier in person than I had seen her in the photos. Her light blue dress hugged her curvaceous body tightly, which made me excited to be with her. Her beautiful eyes stared deep into me, and I stared back.

We were locked in a gaze for about a minute as we held each other's hands. As we walked to the parking lot after leaving the joint, I held her closer to me, and she obliged. I stopped and kissed her lightly at first and then more intensely. I felt her respond as her hips began to grind against me.

I managed to pull back from her temporarily as I felt for my car keys. I unlocked the car, and we stepped in. Once inside, we were all over each other again. I cupped her breasts over her light blue dress as I felt her nipples harden. She responded with a delightful moan as she continued to kiss me deeply. We petted heavily for a while for about an hour or so. By then, she had unzipped my pants, and my dick was out after what was the most amazing blowjob of my life. I showed her the key to the room I had booked, and she smiled wryly at me.

Getting to The Hotel

When we arrived at the room I had booked earlier; I immediately went to the shower. After a quick shower, I stepped out, and she took a shower. I lay on the bed as I waited for her to be done. When she came out, she was wearing just her bathrobe, which was loosely tied revealing most of the breasts.

She stood near the middle of the room, and before I could move, she let the bathrobe fall to the ground. Before stood one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. I gently moved over to where she stood and pushed her towards the bed. At first, I kissed her breasts gently and then made my way slowly to her labia.

I parted her lips and began to make a flickering motion gently on the inner labia with my tongue. She writhed in pleasure and begged for more. One of my hands moved towards her perky boobs as my lips encircled her clit. I applied sanction gently on it as my tongue made tiny circles.

By now, she was wet, and I knew she was ready. I moved higher up so that I was kissing her. She rolled me over and straddled me. Slowly she lowered herself onto me and then reached out between her legs. She took my cock firmly in one hand and guided it up her. As she rode, I felt her warm and tight pussy slide up and down my hard cock. After trusting for a while, she began to move fast and then I felt her moan out loudly. I held her by the hips and slid out of her.

I then made her kneel and got behind her. Gripping her hips tightly, I guided her wet twat towards me. I pumped her hard, and after a while, I exploded deep inside her. We lay there panting as we waited to do it a few more time before morning. By morning, we had gone through a number of positions, some of which I had never heard of before. By morning, I was totally spent. I could not wait for our next fuck session with this hot minx.

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