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Looking for sexy fun with Mr Right

My name is Sue, I’m a 42 year old teacher who went through a bitter divorce a while ago. As well as many other reasons, my marriage broke down because he wasn’t adventurous in bed.

Sexy mature woman in black lingerie on the bed
"I'm a mature next door type girl, looking for Mr. Right"

OK he had a busy job as an IT consultants, often coming home late and feeling tired, so sex was way down the list. But it’s not just men who have sexual needs. Ladies need to be loved and experience satisfying orgasms too. He just wasn’t up to it, interested or loving anymore, so we called it a day. I never thought of cheating my husband outside the marriage, that was definitely a no no. However after the divorce I was looking for a sexual relationship, nothing too heavy but exciting. Browsing online I found a great adult dating website for men and women who were after a no-strings attached fun time.

I thought it would be easier to let my hair down with a stranger to enjoy myself sexually, no worries. There was a mouth-watering choice of guys of all ages just waiting to meet a mature next door type girl like me. Mr Right here I come!

Living out my sexy fantasies

Even at my age I’d never really lived out my sexual fantasies. Anal sex, sex with toys, oral and kinky sex was what I’d always wanted. There were plenty of great looking men on adult dating websites dying to meet women like me where nothing was off limits sexually. I was ready to try anything with the right man so I left my details online without delay. It only took a couple of days for me to be matched up with a guy who was certainly up for all the fantasies I had always yearned for.

We agreed to meet at a local bar to have a chat, a meal, a drink and to get to know each other a little bit. Don’t worry I told my best friend what I was up to and what my plans were. Tom was a good looker and at thirty had a fantastic physique. Throughout the evening he kept looking at my blouse which was seductively unbuttoned. I felt like a right tease and a bit of a tart but it was time to turn up the heat. The food was great and the drinks began to flow. We then started talking about sex, what else?

Are you ready for what happened next?

Tom was a quick thinker and came up with a great idea of going to a hotel for the night. It was only ten minutes away so we decided to have a couple more drinks before leaving the bar. I was starting to get moist and he was ready to cop a root. Once inside the hotel room I lost my balance a bit and in trying to stop myself from falling, accidentally caught hold of Tom’s crotch. Wow, he was hard! I apologized but he just grinned and grabbed my tits. “You touched mine, so I’m touching yours” he said.

Before I could say anything else he totally pashed with his tongue bobbing up and down in my throat, things were getting quite steamy. We greedily kissed each other, the vigor and speed of his passion surprised me. God he had a demanding tongue which was definitely arousing my inner sexual desires.

His hands were busy too, stroking my hair, skimming over my shoulders, massaging my breasts and wandering up and down my thighs. I was horny, wet, throbbing and ready for a fuck, no doubt about it. Girls, you really should try adult dating.

Toeier than a Roman sandal

”You’re making me toeier than a Roman sandal” Tom blurted out and he wasn’t wrong. With his pants down I started to give him a wristy and then got down on my knees and gave him a gobby.

He cupped my breasts and pointed my nipples to his face. He started to suck them hard while fingering my pussy. One of my hands was running through his hair while the other was stroking his cock and balls.

My moans were getting louder. I was already dripping wet between my legs. He was on the bed, legs spread out wide as I got on my knees and began to suck his huge cock again. His strong, virile dick was standing tall and proud as I sucked it and began to play with his large balls, full of cum.

His cock was throbbing from the rush of blood and the head was swollen bigger than the shaft. It was like a big mushroom sitting on the end of his dick. I was moving my head and hands up and down his shaft and as if it had a mind of its own my tongue found his sweaty balls.

Now it was my turn

With my legs open wide Tom’s quick fire tongue was licking my pussy like there was no tomorrow. His fingers were sliding in and out of my arsehole as he was kneeling between my thighs. I opened my legs even wider as he put his cock inside me gyrating back and forward like a steam locomotive. My hips and cunt were working overtime as his cock slipped into my sensitive lips, deep into my pussy hole.

He turned me over giving me deep anal sex, sheer bliss. There was lots of dirty talk too about kinky sex, what he wanted to do with me with sex toys, threesomes and submissive sex. It was a race to see who would cum first, I thought it was going to be me but Tom said he was nearly there.

My anal and pussy walls had milked him and he was now ready to explode. I sucked on his cock like a vacuum cleaner as I shivered through an orgasm. Before I knew it, Tom was holding my head and shooting his tasty juicy cum down my throat. After a few more strokes he pulled out, my mouth awash with cum and wanting more. We lay on the bed exhausted, but sexually satisfied.

What a night! Adult dating, why don't you give it a try?

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