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He looked nothing like his photos from the adult dating site - He was way better

man kissing woman's neck and holding her breast
“You really want me that bad don’t you?”

I watched him from two tables away and my heart froze. He looked even better in person than from the adult dating photos he’d sent me. He was tall, with sandy hair and eyes so dark I felt like I could almost lose myself inside them. He looked like he had just shaved his beard and the strong jaw set looked even sexier. His shoulders were broad, and his lean but muscular body showed signs of heavy work outs.

“You look incredibly hot,hotter than you do on the adult dating site,” he cooed as he came around to hug me. “I love the feel of your breasts against my chest” he whispered as we broke the hug. “You look good too,” I replied as I took time to check him out again. “I just need to know if you if you taste as good as you look,” he said blinking and to my dismay, he walked away beckoning me to follow him towards the bathroom. I turned watching him, beyond perplexed. His dark blue jeans were fitting him just right, in all the right places.

I glanced around nervously. Nobody seemed aware of the little exchange we had had. I could not believe I as actually doing this! I never did things that I had not meticulously planned on and more so, not sexual encounters with strangers. I got up slowly, making sure to smooth the skirt of the sundress I wore and walked slowly towards the back where the bathrooms were. He was waiting for me in the hall to the bathroom smiling seductively at me before he grabbed me, crushing his mouth onto mine.

The sex god

Moaning softly I kissed him back eagerly. I could not believe I was consenting to his tongue, the tongue that belonged to more or less a total stranger explore my mouth. His calloused fingers stroked my breasts through the fabric of my dress eliciting desires that I did not believe could be satiable under the circumstances we were in. “You anticipated this? You have no bra darling,” he hissed into my ear. All I could afford him for a reply was a moan as his lips left my mouth, and trailed hot kisses down my neck.

I moaned louder as his fingers deftly slid up the hem of my skirt, and one finger plunged into my aching and already moist center. His other hand gripped my ass and held me tightly against him. He turned me so that my back was to his front, and I could feel his dick pressed against my ass, all the while fingering my pussy.

I was writhing, practically almost coming. “Not yet honey, do not cum just yet,” He hissed into my ear, “you are not yet ready to cum. “Oh yes I am.” I moaned. “No, you are not. Do not cum.” I could only whimper as another finger joined the first inside my pussy. “Please?” I begged. “Please what?” “I want you inside me,” I moaned as he increased pace of his fingers. He pulled me into the ladies, and pushed me against the door. He securely locked it and carried me over to the sinks, setting me on the counter.

A dose of his medicine

I took his fingers and greedily sucked them. He moaned, much to my satisfaction, as my tongue gently flicked the tips of his fingers and my teeth grazed them. “You would like it a little rough, wouldn’t you?” He said as he vanished beneath my sundress. I nearly jumped as he kissed me beneath the folds of my skirt. His hands held my hips as he increased the ache that I could almost no longer contain. His tongue and teeth were making the most of my clit and pussy. I moaned, lifting my hips off the counter slightly.

“You really want me that bad don’t you?” He chuckled to himself. “I should not,” I gasped, “its’ wrong, but damn it! Yes, I really, really want you.” I retorted as I climbed off the sink and settled myself on the floor in front of him. Unzipping his jeans with my teeth, I cuddled his already hard dick though his boxers. A groan escaped him as my teeth gently squeezed at his cut lines. “Yes darling, take me in there,” he whispered as I slid his boxers down and gently took him into the soft folds of my mouth. My tongue lapped at him eagerly as my fingers gently stroked his balls. He held me there, his fingers laced through my tangled hair. He shuttered as I moaned against him, adjusting myself to take him in deeper. “I want to be in you,” he said as I felt his length begin to jerk.

Time to face the shame

I stood leisurely and took the dress off my shoulders and turned around to hang on the door as I heard him tear off a condom. Before I could turn around he was on me bending me over, and he entered me from behind. I gasped as his length plunged deep inside me. “Honey, look at how those boobs are dancing as I fuck you.” He mused.

He spanked me hard on my ass and I almost screamed. I loved this! I loved the fact that he wasn’t overly soft on me. My pussy felt like it was throbbing within inches of its life before the climax tore through me and I screamed his name. He rammed his dick in me with renewed vigor while at the same time squeezing my nipples. He took his time before he finally rammed deep into me as he roared in climax. I could feel his length jerking inside me before he finally withdrew.

“I probably should have started with this, but I guess I’m not too late. Hey Doris, My name is Derrick and not Jeff as you have just called me. Never use a real name on a dating site honey. Meet me at the bar and let’s get you refreshed; you look quite spent.” He smiled slyly as he held out my clothes. He scooped some tissue paper, wiped me gently, tidied himself and walked out. I took my time getting out. The fact that I had just screamed and had sex in a hotel bathroom did not make it any easier to get out. I felt blissfully happy. I tidied myself best as I could and stepped out to face the haughty stares I was sure he would accompany me. After this encounter all am thinking of is joining another adult dating site. Hopefully I can have a repeat of this.

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