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What do you do when the spark dies out? You light it up

sexy redhead in a blue dress in front of a sport car
I leaned in for a kiss making Jean feel how really excited I was.

I got up after yet another night of average sleep. I went through the usual motions of brushing my teeth, taking a shower and shaving, all the while struggling not to awaken her. I wondered what had really gotten into our marriage. I was as horny as I had always been, but my wife seemed like he had lost quite some interest. I was obviously sex crazed and I was quickly coming to a breaking point. I had resorted to watching porn movies and masturbating after work.

I still had fantasies that needed fulfilling and the idea of asking my wife for sex favors wasn’t so appealing at the moment. I felt like life had cheated me. I thought getting married to a hot sexy wife was all I ever needed and now it had come to this?! I had resolved to have some fun and take some control on my life, which I felt was slowly sinking. As soon as I was in the office, I made time to reply to e-mails and do some work and clicked on an adult dating site. I then placed an ad on the adult dating site, making sure to mention that I was newly married and was just in search of some adventure. I added that I would prefer someone in the same situation as I wanted just a casual but an adventurous affair without strings attached. The rest of the day proved unproductive as I kept furtively checking on my mails to see if there was a response.

A response finally

Several days of waiting had proven more than my nerves could bare. Had I really put on too much weight that actually no woman wanted to spend time with me? After the third day, I was at home having supper when my phone notified me I had a new e-mail finally from the adult dating site. The subject simply read, ’Your Married Friend in a Similar Fix.’ My heart soared. Normally I would ignore adult dating ad responses but not today. I immediately got to it. They explained that Jean, as her name was, was in a similar state and she missed the butterflies she had once felt when she first got married. She, however, was initially comfortable with just being friends with someone who was in a similar state and who would understand what she was going through.

I replied that I didn’t mind this, but heaven knew I was already drooling at the photo she had sent. On closer speculation, it actually turned out that I knew this girl. She had at one point even been my high school crush. I was going to stop at nothing to fuck this hottie! My dick was already rock hard just from the memories of her. I felt guilty for doing things behind my wife’s back, but as she snored the night away I could not help but think she had played a major role in making me what I had turned out to be. I quickly replied to her that I was comfortable with the arrangement, making sure to sign off with my cell number.

The first meeting

We developed a schedule over the next few days as we chatted the day away. I was at first hesitant to send a photo of myself to her lest she remembered me and realized she wasn’t really into me, but when I eventually did, it turned out that she had harbored fantasies about me too. I wasn’t going to put with simple conversations for long and after some days, I mustered up enough courage to ask her out on a hike the following week. My wife was going to visit her parents and I figured I could take some time off work and go on this new adventure. Sitting in my car that Tuesday morning was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life.

After what looked like forever, a white Subaru Legacy pulled up beside my car and out got out this petite version of Jean that was irresistible. Her boobs were large and her tiny waist and long legs instantly made me develop a fully blown boner. I was almost ashamed of getting out of the vehicle sporting a full erection. The walk towards her was awkward, our smiles nervous and our hugs guarded. As we hiked, conversation flowed easily as we vented out our marriage frustrations and we never noticed getting up the top of the hill. We decided to take a break at the top and I decided it was time to really test the waters. I leaned in for a kiss making Jean feel how really excited I was.

Plunging into new and unknown territory

She didn’t flinch! I was in for a treat! I was attracted to this woman and I needed more than a mere kiss. God help me I was going to have her on top of this hill. The sexual chemistry was building up and the kisses got more passionate and frantic. Jean’s hand finally wandered from my hair to my chest and eventually to my thigh as she gently worked her way towards my fully erect groin. I softly laid her down on the grass as I trailed kisses down her neck while I rubbed her wet pussy through her thin pants.

Pushing up her blouse, I slinked my hands into her slacks and realized she had actually not worn her pants. She was wet and ready. “I’m so horny jean, I don’t think I can last long.” I whispered into her ears as I nibbled on them. She answered by taking my swollen length and guiding it into her.

I pounded with a vengeance only known to sex crazed men. She matched my rhythm and the air around us was only filled by sounds of flesh slapping against flesh. We soon climaxed and I shot my load into her while I enjoyed the waves of pleasure that ensued. I unloaded into her as deep as I could while her squirt drenched the grass around. Jean sighed beneath me, her eyes glassy and equally sexy. As we rose up and tidied ourselves, we knew this was going to be the first of many encounters.

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