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I wanted to experience my first orgasm. So I went to the local bus stop!

Casual encounters have always been a fascination for me but I had literally never tried one until this last year. My name is Jennifer and I'm a 25 year old physiotherapist. I was raised in a strict religious tradition and my father always disapproved of the idea of me even dating.

Hot women with naked breasts
"I felt total abandon and got the most erotic moment of my life"

I didn't have my first boyfriend until I was 21 and, if you can believe it, I didn't lose my virginity unit 23. It was around this time that I first figured out that men found me pretty hot! I'm 5'2, I've got a thin waist and some cup C breasts that I'm only just starting to learn to appreciate.

I keep my blonde hair tied back in a bun for most of the day but I like to let it down more and more now (wink, wink). I want to tell you a little bit about my introduction to the world of casual encounters and how I went from a good Catholic girl to a homewrecker in just one year.

And make no mistake. I enjoyed every moment of it!

The beginning: Fucking a total stranger.

So my first boyfriend turned out to be a bit of a douche, but I was so inexperienced that it took me about a year to figure that out. When we finally broke up I had yet to even experience my first proper orgasm. More than a sexual experience though I wanted to gain more control over my sexual independence. Trouble was I hadn't the faintest fucking idea how to do it. The night of my first casual encounter started at a sleazy bar. I had read about the place online on forum that was mainly for guys who wanted to find out about places to hook up.

I found myself reading their stories about fucking girls in the bathrooms there and in cars outside in the parking lot. I was getting turned on reading their stories and even started to touch myself on occasion; The arousal was that intense.

So, one Friday I plucked up the courage and took a bus over to that side of town. I sat by the bar, ordered a drink and waited....and waited....and waited. A couple of guys gave me the eye but not a single one had to balls to approach me. I guess the forum reports where mostly bullshit.

I was pretty frustrated by the time I had finished my drink, so I paid and stormed out of the place. I felt like I'd been denied a chance to take hold of my sexual destiny. I found myself back at the bus stop but didn't notice the cute guy waiting with me under the shelter for about 5 minutes. My heart start to beat faster at the thought of what I was planning.

Bus stop encounter.

I still get wet just thinking about it. He was setting on the bench and I gave him a coy look and went and sat next to him. He seemed a little thrown at first and didn't really respond. But the longer I sat next to him the more the heat started to build between us. I didn't really know what to do next. I sheepishly undid a couple of my buttons. No movement. Then I put my hand in his lap.

The next thing I felt was his hand under my shirt and cupping my breast. I immediately felt the wetness in my panties. We started kissing and groping each other. I felt his hand go up under my skirt and the heat of his palm against my pussy.

I must have made a noise because he stopped and asked if I was alright. I was feeling charged at this point, like I'd become an entirely new person in that last few moments. I looked him straight in the eye and told him 'I don't want you to be nice'. His eyes widened and then he gave my a devilish grin. Taking my by the hand, he led me into the trees just behind the bus shelter. He hiked my skirt up around my hips and then spun me around so quick I gasped.

The next thing I knew he was inside my, fucking my from behind and pressing me against a tree. I came in hard gasps almost immediately, then I knelt down in front of him and sucked his dick until he came on my face and tits. "I felt total abandon. Up to that point it was the single most erotic moment of my life. Up to that point (wink, wink)

The journey continues

Since then I've expanded my repertoire quite significantly. I finally did get to fuck somebody in a car and a sleazy bar's bathroom. I've gone down on married men and made them beg my to allow them to go down on me. I even recall a particularly sensual adventure where I fucked a woman's husband in front of her while she played with herself.

I've been eager to try a bit more of that reverse cuckolding ever since. The best thing about all of it is that I finally feel like I am firmly in control of my own sexual destiny.

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