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How It All Began

hot couple having sex in the shower
We took a shower was hot

My name is Jake, and I work at a huge engineering firm. I am a 33-year-old man, and I had just moved into this town with my now ex-girlfriend. If there was something I loved about her, it was the sex. However, Marya was quite ambitious, and she walked out on me after just a year. When we were dating, I used to fuck her tight snatch at least twice a week. However, since she left about a month ago, I had been experiencing the worst dry spell of my life.

It was while exploring the internet that I learned that I did not need to pay to quench my thirst. There were dating sites where girls just wanted casual sex encounters with men. Out of desperation, I put up an ad together with the hottest pictures I could manage to take. The privacy of the site was impressive, so I was not worried about it leaking to my company. However, I did not get any response for the whole of that week. On Friday evening, I decided to go out to the club and find some hot minx to fuck in a casual encounter.

I knew a few singles' clubs in town, and I hoped to get lucky. Just before I left, I decided to check if there were any work related emails. It was then that I noticed a girl had replied to my casual sex ad.She was a 32-year-old lawyer who wanted nothing more than casual sex.

She liked my profile so much that she had sent me a few of her pictures privately. She was quite beautiful, and I decided to ring her up. She gave me directions to her house and asked me if I could come immediately since she was horny. I could not wait to get there.

Now you are probably wondering: what happened next?

Meeting Jessica

When I arrived at her house for the casual encounter, Jessica was wearing nothing but a sheer nightgown. I could see that she had a red bra and matching panties. Clearly, she was not shy. She invited me in and gave me a glass of wine. We sat there in silence staring at each other as we sipped on the wine. As I was about to break the ice, she asked me if I wanted to go upstairs. Before we left, I told her I in no way intended to have any relationship with her.

She nodded in agreement and motioned me to follow her as she went up the stairs. I could not help but notice how gracefully her ass swayed as climbed the stairs. I knew this night would not be disappointing. When I got to the bedroom, she was sitting on the edge of the bed in nothing but her bra and panties. She signaled me to come closer with her index finger. I moved towards her and sat beside her. We began kissing each other gently and were soon making out passionately.

She pulled back to help me out of my pants and shirt. As we made out, I slipped two fingers under her panties and was surprised by how tight her twat was. She instinctively reached out for my bulge and began rubbing my cock over the boxers.

Soon, she had freed my monster from the boxers, and she was gently sucking on it. She managed to put all seven inches of it in her mouth and slide up and down. I could feel myself about to unleash my load in her mouth, but I held back.

Working Her Up

I pulled her of my cock and began working on her body. I grabbed her now exposed boobs and began sucking on them gently while I slipped tow finger in her tight cunt. I fucked her with my fingers until I felt her already tight cunt squeeze my fingers as she had an orgasm. She let out a loud yelp and sprayed pussy juices all over the bed.

I knew she was ready for my monster. When I mounted her, I thought it would be too huge for her, but she only smiled and let out soft moans with each stroke. Soon after, I was plunging into her wet cunt at full speed. She lifted her legs up and draped the calf of her right leg then her left over my shoulders. The positioned made it easier for me to go even deeper and faster.

I continued to bang her as hard as I could until she began talking gibberish because of the sweet sensations. I stopped for a while and began sucking her tits and her lips. It made her even wetter, and she begged me to continue. As I continued to unleash terror on her twat, she began pulsating and squeezed my dick hard with her pussy. I tried to go faster and faster to give her a sweet orgasm.

However, the tightness and warmth of her twat became too much, and I felt I would unload in her. She sensed I was about to pull out and she held me by the hips. She winked at me, and I knew she wanted me to burst inside her. I groaned one last time as I cummed in waves inside her.

One More Time

Finally, after lying there heaving for about twenty minutes, we decided to take a shower together. She took me to the bathroom and lathered me up. She used a washcloth to wash off all her pussy juices from my stomach and cock. I took the washcloth and did the same to her. As the warm water poured over us, I began kissing her again.

I decided to reach out with my fingers and feel her tight pussy again. It was still as tight as before. She held my cock in one hand and rubbed it until it was rock hard again. She turned around and bent over. I teased her a bit by stroking the lips of her pussy with my tip but she pushed up against me, and it slid in.

I held her by her hips and began smashing her as hard as I could. After stroking her for a while, I started to feel her pussy pulsating. She grabbed the handle to keep her knees from buckling as the orgasm made her pussy squeeze my dick. She screamed out in joy before I blew my load inside her. We got out of the shower after a while and dried. I wanted to stay a while longer, but I did not want it to turn into a thing.

As I walked out of her door, I knew that if she ever called me again, I would come running. It was the best casual encounter of my life.

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