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A casual encounter; Her lips were like sugar, her smile infectious.

Women couple getting sexy
I felt electric when she decided to taste me

The doorbell rang in the middle of my cleaning the dishes and I opened the door only to see my best friend Tasha standing there with a drawstring pack threw behind her. "Hello!" we both said in unison as we reached over to hug one another. We had made it a tradition to meet up every weekend to catch up.

"Come right in," I said. "I made nachos." "Magnificent," answered Tasha. "I've brought in a couple of movie series." I drew out the nachos and a six pack of beer to a Tasha that was already nestled on my love seat with the first series already popped into the DVD player. A grin bloomed over her face as I settled down by her: she could finally press "play" on the remote. "How was the drive?" I asked. "Exhausting as usual," said Tasha as she took a drink out of the beer bottle I offered. "There is nothing ever new around here."

She hated it when she had to come over to my place.Our last casual encounter was at her birthday party down at the club."You don't need let me know that you hate it out here every time you come," I answered through a sizable chunk of chips. "I despise it too over here just to let you know." "Why not move back near my home then?" I could only ignore her as we had had this conversation over and over. She chomped on a couple chips and washed them down with the remainder of her lager. She came to over to the table and opened another one.

A kiss from my best girlfriend

She sat unobtrusively for a minute, checking out my condo and her eyes settled on a few boxes close to the door. "So when is Ethan getting the remainder of his shit?" she inquired. "Who fucking knows," I spat out. I was tired of holding conversations about my ex. "Well, he deserves it," said Tasha with a shrug. "You think?" I asked my best friend. I was having a hard time coming to terms with what Ethan had done to me. She sat with her knees drawn against her chest, whirling the beer in her bottle.

"What exactly did he do to you Nat?!" Tasha asked as I felt the tears almost choke me. "We aren't going to talk about that Tasha for heaven's sake stop bringing it up," I protested. "Girls aren't gross as boys are." She murmured to herself. "You know, I've al-constantly wondered what it is like to kiss a girl," I laughed. Tasha watched me intently for a moment, trying to figure out how serious I was. "I meant that, you know." She inched towards me and kissed me rapidly on the lips.

I burst out in giggles and Tasha just grinned. She leaned forward once more and this time I was prepared. My lips parted to allow Tasha's tongue explore me deeper. I wrapped my arms around Tasha's neck and pulled her closer.

My heart started to pound quicker and harder as Tasha's thumbs brushed over my nipples. A little groan got away from me and I pushed her away.

Why should this feel so right?

"What's wrong?" asked a concerned Tasha. "Um, I believe I'm getting a charge out of this more than I ought to," I chuckled feeling very embarrassed. "Honey, you do not need to. You need some attention," answered Tasha, a shrewd grin crawling over her face. "We should sort that out fast." She slipped her hand down the front of my slacks. "Good lord!" She exclaimed at my soaking wet pussy. I could only moan as she rubbed her fingers against my wet pussy.

Another groan escaped me as and Tasha began orbiting my clit. I started to pound her hips against Tasha's fingers with vigorous expectation. She began circling it quicker and speedier, feeling me getting wetter and wetter. In a couple of seconds, I was literally writhing under Tasha's touch, shouting in ecstasy as I came, crushing harder and deeper against Tasha's fingers. Tasha stroked my pussy and slid her fingers inside, pumping forward and backward and I found myself asking and begging for more.

All of a sudden, she stopped. "I have to taste you," she whispered in my ears while nibbling at my earlobes. She snatched the belt of my shorts and pulled them down, uncovering my throbbing pussy that was covered all over in my own juices. She licked and sucked at my clit, hovering about it with her tongue. I began to shake; I had never been fucked this way and moreover, I had never been fucked by a girl. My body felt electric as Tasha's fingers rubbed and pulled at my nipples.At this point I was wondering if this casual encounter would get any better.

Time will tell

She parted my long legs and pushed her head between them. I could the warmth of her breath on my pussy and it made me all the more wetter and hornier.

She licked and bit on the inner parts of my thighs, moving again towards my pussy slowly. She stopped before running her finger over my opening. I groaned, astonished. She pushed somewhat harder, her finger sliding between my slit.

I for once wished I had a dildo in my house as she continued take me to heights I had never imagined I could reach. My heart felt like it was almost exploding within my chest as the climax built up within me. I refused to let go for as long as I could until she couldn't stand it any longer. I gave into Tasha once again, shouting her name as I rode on the waves of pleasure that coursed through my body.

She wasn't relenting as she quickened the pace to match the pace of my hips. I was breathing hard as I descended from my last climax and Tasha set a delicate kiss on my lips, and all over my body. "That was simply stunning," inhaled Tasha as she kissed my temple. "You're such a squirter darling. I've always wanted to do that to you." I felt spent but rejuvenated. I had never known that being made love to by a girl would be that exhilarating. Tasha helped me back into my clothes and we nestled up closer and settled down to complete whatever remained of the movie we had planned to see.

I wasn't sure if this casual encounter had made our bond stronger or just broken it. Only time would tell.

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