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A Mutually Satisfying Encounter

Devon seriously hated these things. Reunions were never his affair. He’d much rather be at some classy, upscale bar somewhere with a bunch of his friends and their girlfriends. He definitely wasn't averse to having a casual encounter either. His group of friends was tight and they knew how to party.

Couple getting ready for action
He picked up her arms and kissed her, afterwards...

Young, mid-30s, working professionals, all with enough money and zero kids. According to him, he was living the dream. And, whenever he wanted to explore the opposite sex, a casual encounters wasn't out of the question. That's why he loved living in the city. And that’s where he’d be right now — if it wasn’t for his friend who was in town for the weekend and insisted on dragging the two of them out for this nonsensical college reunion.

The whole place was dimly lit as community center usually are, but even in the low light, something pulled his attention across the floor. People were milling around the edges, as per usual, or the tables, where there was hope for spiked punch and refreshments. Devon looked around. There were so few people here he even remembered let alone cared about but, as his eyes swam across the hall, looking for familiar faces, he settled on one all-too-familiar one. She was standing amongst a group of men and women but she was unmistakeable, even from this distance. Her beautiful red hair was aflame, and she didn’t wear glasses anymore.

As if she had read his mind or felt his burning, questioning gaze upon her, she looked up and matched the intent and intensity of his eyes. Oh, yes. It was her alright.

She looked away and turned her attention back towards her group. After a few words, she dislodged herself. Devon quickly turned back to look at his friends and forced a laugh at some lame joke his friend had just made. His mind was racing a mile a minute but he had long since perfected the art of the poker face. He on the other hand was having a hard time forgetting their casual encounter...

After All These Years

“Mind if I break in, kids?” came a tinkling voice. His whole group turned around and began gushing. “Ms. Patrick!” said his friend Jenna. The sexy redhead laughed. “It’s just Angela now,” she said. “Now that we’re all consenting adults”. His group started conversing with Angela. Devon swallowed hard. Now that she was closer he could see the way her black skirt hugged every curve. He wondered what it might be like to be the fabric, clinging so close to her skin. “Devon?” Jenna was saying. “Oh, he’s doing real estate now. But I’ll let him tell you.” Angela turned to look at him expectantly and he tried to read her gaze. But she was clearly the one who had mastered the art of the poker face — while smiling sweetly. Damn.

That was a trick he had to learn. “Yeah, commercial, residential, you know,” he said, vaguely. With the former “Ms. Patrick” standing right here in front of him, the last thing he wanted to get into was his job. Angela nodded and her shiny hair bounced fluidly. “Always knew you’d be great with people. You were always very….persuasive,” she said, with a funny look in her eyes. He smiled, which was more uncomfortable then he’d have liked and made some lame excuse about needing to freshen his drink. “Oh, I’ll come with you. I’m almost done too,” Angela was saying. “Jenna, love? Would you like another?” Jenna agreed amiably and the two of them set off towards the punch table. There was a moment of uneasy silence. Then — “So…I’m persuasive, am I?” Angela laughed at his obvious discomfort. “Oh come on, Devon. Lighten up. I was only kidding. If you had asked me, I would’ve told you that I now work in marketing. So you’re not the only one who scores for a living.” He gave her a scandalized look and that twinkling laugh sounded again. “You need to relax,” she said.

A Refresher Course

Relax, he thought. Oh, sure. I’ll just relax. Which was harder to do considering all he could think of was the last time he had seen her -- their secret, steamy but casual encounter. His senior year. He had come in for some extra help on Shakespeare. Angela — or, Ms. Patrick, as he knew her then — was young, fresh-faced, only in her third year of teaching. There was a lovely innocence about her, something he couldn't quite get over, given that she was supposed to be a figure of authority. This contradiction turned him on. Before long, he had found himself convincing her to be Desdemona to his Othello in Act 3.

And then…he had dared to get closer, and closer…he remembered her backing up into the chalkboard. She was smaller than him even then. He had picked up her arms, pinned them against the board and kissed her. Tenderly at first, then hard, harder, until she was moaning into his mouth. Gods, but her hair smelled of vanilla essence and her skin was so soft.

He was pressed against her and could feel his chest crushing her soft breasts. She wasn’t like the other women who wore a hard underwire. She was all-natural and her could feel that her bra was a simple cotton piece. He had gotten hard just thinking about it. A casual encounter neither of them would forget.

And now, as he remember what it was like to eventually fuck her against her teacher’s desk, he was getting hard now too. Luckily it was dark. But he must have been unconsciously sending out a signal because Angela cleared her throat and said, “So…remember the last time I saw you?” she said, nonchalantly. He nodded, thinking about how her sweet little screams had filled the classroom. She paused a moment before looking up at him. “How about a refresher course?”

Say My Name

All he could think was, “Fuck yes!” Without saying a word, he put down her cup on the punch table and grabbed her wrist. She soon caught up to his pace and the two of them ran to the double doors, out of the auditorium of the community centre. A staircase on their right led upstairs and another led to a second set of doors leading outside.

He made a move to go upstairs but she pulled him back. “I don’t think so,” she said slyly. “We’ve already done it inside. What about on the bleachers?” Devon choked. “On the bleachers? Are you crazy?” “The pitch isn’t lit tonight,” she said. He looked at her in her tight black skirt and shook his head. “I must be crazy,” he said instead, pulling her towards the doors. When they got to the bleachers, Angela couldn’t wait any longer. She pulled him towards her and years of unvented sexual tension was dissipating between them. She started to rub his cock and he moaned in anticipation, right into her mouth. “You know what I loved the most about our casual encounters,” she gasped, between sucking his lips and kissing his neck. “What?” “The way you called me, Ms. Patrick,” she crooned. “Oh, Ms. Patrick. Oh fuck, I’m going to come.”

The image turned Devon on so much, grabbed her breasts and started fondling them. Pulling down her top, he unhooked her bra and right there, in the foggy night, began sucking on her generous nipples. Angela moaned and pressed his face to her one breast while she pulled and tweaked on her other nipple. It left him free to start rubbing her clit. Slyly, he slipped one finger inside and was surprised to discover that she was soaking wet.

“What happened to foreplay?” he said, grinning. “Just fuck me,” she whispered feverishly. “Your wish is my command.” He bent her over and without waiting, slammed right into her. Angela let out a strangled but pleasurable cry and he started to pull in and out. “Oh fuck. Fuck me you bad boy. Fuck me hard.” Devon’s balls were bursting in anticipation. Inside her pussy, it was wet and warm and suddenly he felt like this was the only place he wanted to be. He grabbed her gorgeous, natural tits and held on to them as he began to fuck her harder. The sound of his balls slapping against her ass was too much for him. “Baby, I’m going to cum,” he said through gritted teeth. Angela was moaning incoherently, “Mmm, yeah, cum all over my ass Devon.” “Can I come in your asshole?” “Fuck, yes, give me your hot cum all over my ass. Spread my ass,” she commanded. Between fucking her, Devon did as he was told, spreading her sweet cheeks and found her asshole. He put a finger and she moaned even louder. Suddenly, he was about to explode so he pulled out and shot his wad all of her gorgeous pink ass and tightly closed asshole. The two slumped over, panting. This was one casual encounter they would never forget.

I wasn't sure if this casual encounter had made our bond stronger or just broken it. Only time would tell.

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