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Casual encounter at the airport

Hot bearded man being licked by sexy cougar
She said:"I need you inside me"... just the cue I needed!

She was extremely light skinned and thin. She probably in her early 40's, yet she was very attractive in a silvery blue, sleeveless, summer dress that ended just above the knee. Our first encounter was at the departure lounge in Managua when they initially declared that our flight was would have to be delayed for a whooping six hours.

We all moaned and felt overly inconvenienced. I simply needed a break and a chance to for once sleep in my own bed that night while she went on and on about how she needed to be in Detroit early the next morning for a meeting.

I knew I looked quite a bit rugged. A week of not shaving and the fact that I was now profoundly tanned from the August sun made me feel a little too impatient to just get home. I was struggling to keep my dark chestnut surfer hair tidy and I kept pushing it behind my ears. The board shorts I wore hung low, and I cared less about the wide band of boxer briefs in clear display.

I was clearly trying to get this woman to notice me. It didn’t matter that she was much older than I was. The fact that she had given me a clear view of her cleavage made it hard to concentrate.

I wanted her and once we landed at around midnight, I offered to lend a hand with her luggage. We checked into our respective rooms promising each other to meet up in the lobby before we slept for a late night snack. This casual encounters had already shown some potential but I wasn't getting carried away just yet

The girl in the woman

I was hardly done getting myself settled in when I heard a tap on my door. I was in luck as this woman came in carrying what I thought would be our snacks. Coincidentally I was thinking about our earlier casual encounter. We exchanged the usual banter about our respective destinations while commiserating over the mutual inconveniences felt. In the wake of eating and having a few drinks from the minibar, I found myself staring at this woman’s grey eyes and brownish hair. We were sitting next to each other on my bed.

She placed her hand on my thigh and bent her head to place it on my shoulder. I couldn’t help but take a deep breath at how nice her hair smelled. "I think I’m drunk," I said. "That makes two of us," she said, and kissed me, mouth open. I gave into the kiss, taking my time to explore her mouth as she did mine. I pulled back to gauge her reaction, "Sorry," I said, "I shouldn't do this." “Me too surfer boy, but I couldn't care less." She resumed the kiss, a long moderate kiss that kept going until we both were winded. I started kissing and cuddling her neck. I moaned into her ear, and her giggles were a major turn on.

I started caressing her breasts while she rubbed my hard dick through my jeans. All of a sudden, she turned over me on the bed, extending herself over me and dry bumping me until she came.

I marveled at how her face flushed, eyes shut, her hips swaying against me.

More than I expected

I kissed her softly on the forehead, and her eyes fluttered open. "More," she said. "I need you inside me." That was just the cue I needed. I slipped off the bed, and facing her, I slowly loosened my slacks and let loose my hard dick. I removed my shoes and took my socks off. She lay on the bed, watching me, her breath coming in short gasps in anticipation. I slid my briefs over my dick and let them tumble to my feet. I came around the bed to where she was, her eyes tailing me.

One of her hands reached out for my dick while the other slid under my scrotum to stroke me. I started loosening her shirt, opening it wide and exposing a lacy red bra and already hard nipples pushing against it. I unfastened her skirt and just folded it back. She lay there on her dress, concentrated on my dick and balls, and taking time to stroke each. I teased those nipples with my teeth while she raised up marginally, and I undid the bra hooks. I helped her out of the blouse and bra while at the same time sucking on those tits like my life depended on it. Her body was warm and she was sending me over the edge, as she gyrated her hips against my rock hard erection. I was determined to take my time and for a couple of minutes, I simply brushed my face against her briefs while she angled against my face, her eyes beseeching me to proceed.

The vice

I took the edge of her undies in my teeth, and gradually, deliberately, slid them down, making sure to brush her pussy with my beard. She opened her legs, angling her back. I went on to tenderly kiss her wet mound, then moving gradually, kissing my way to her clit, then moving over to the open lips of her pussy. She groaned, curving her hips higher, squeezing herself against my face. I feasted on her pussy lips, slipping my tongue inside, at which she grabbed my head and pressed it hard against her.

I continued rubbing my face against her until my face hair was wet with her juices. I moved over to her face, kissing and letting her lick her own juices. My dick was hard, and wet now, pulsating with a life of its own. Leaning over her, and with my legs between hers, I lowered it down into her hot, wet pussy.

I heard her groan at my gradual entry. She was holding my ass and trying to force me all the way down but I was determined to make the most out of this encounter. I rocked against her, pushing my dick as deeply as I could into her all the while kissing and licking her nipples. Her pussy held my dick like a vice and I could feel my orgasm slowly building. I could literally feel the semen winding its way to the tip of my dick and I couldn’t hold it back any more. I exploded into her filling her with every drop of my cum. I lay on top of her, as her own orgasm pulled my dick in tandem with my groans of pleasure.

This was by far the best casual encounter of my life!

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