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There's No Need to Stick With the Same Person All Your Life When Finding a Fuck Buddy is so Easy

I was in trouble. My marriage was falling apart, our physical relationship had broken down entirely and I was becoming more depressed every day. Until I met up with Andrea on a website specialising in fuck buddy arrangements. At my lowest point, meeting Andrea turned everything around, and girls like her can do the same for you.

gorgeous brunette with a light pink bra and black lace
She revitalised my life, and women like her could do the same for you

My story was pretty normal, or so I've been told. We married young, had a couple of kids and then fell out of love. Rushing into marriage was a big mistake, and we started paying for it almost straight away. Even though we bought a house, had kids and tried to make our marriage work, the physical side of our relationship never took off. I always fantasised about breaking free and exploring other kinds of sexual relationships. I heard stories from my friends about their adventures - their trips to foreign countries, their threesomes, open relationships, affairs. The way they spoke about their sex lives sounded exciting, guilt-free and fulfilling. They were living, while I was stuck with a wife I didn't love in a home that was becoming ever more hostile. Things had to change.

Everything Falls Apart, and I Don't Take it Well

Looking back, I should have known ending our marriage wouldn't be easy, but I didn't realise I would be the one hurting. Eventually, I raised the courage to tell my wife it wasn't working and, after a few false starts as we tried to patch things up, we started to separate. I went my way, to a city center apartment, and she kept the house and the kids. At last, I was free from my restrictions (aside from a few payments every month). I could start to explore all the sexy adventures I'd been hearing so much about.

In theory. But there was a problem. After my marriage fell apart, I didn't just fall into casual sex and fuck buddy arrangements. I fell into a deep depression. My life seemed aimless and pointless. Even my work as a stock market advisor wasn't helping me out. I just went straight home every day, bought a bottle of wine and finished it off watching TV. This wasn't living. It was a guilt-ridden life of pain. And I hated it. Things were getting desperate, and I was in need of an angel's intervention. Thankfully, when Andrea came into my life, I got it.

Signing Up for a Fuck Buddy Website Solves my Emotional Problems

One night, I was sitting after work with a fine bottle of wine on the table, a corkscrew in my hand and a gourmet steak on the kitchen surface. It was the same old scene, with a difference - my laptop was open and I was signing up for a fuck buddy website. I'd heard co-workers talking about how I looked, how my hair was looking messier, my facial hair was ragged and I was starting to seem older. That kind of talk hurt, and I knew it was accurate. So I resolved to change.

And the first thing to change was my sex life. I knew that sex was vital to rebuilding my life. I'd always been a horny guy, and years of marriage had buried that deep within my body and soul. Now, looking at the pages of cougars, babes and married women on this site, my passion came flooding back. I'd never heard the term fuck buddy, but here there were pages and pages of sexy women looking for no strings attached arrangements.

Could I become the relaxed, sexually adventurous guy my fantasies had always involved? Or would I rot away and forget about sexual freedom. Obviously, I chose the latter.

Andrea the Gorgeous Secretary Becomes my First, and Finest Fuck Buddy

I clicked on a girl who looked like my type - brunette, slender, innocent looking, but with a sexy glint in her eye. She was Italian and worked as a secretary for a law firm nearby. Maybe I'd seen her around, but she seemed familiar. Anyhow, we started exchanging messages, and she told me how it worked. She said that she only ever fucked people on a casual basis. After a bruising break-up, she had abandoned the idea of stable relationships. For her, they weren't the route to happiness. They were prisons that meant a life without orgasms and sexual experimentation.

They were the opposite of everything she lived for - wild sex, anything goes orgies and no strings attached sex whenever she needed it. In a few minutes, I was hooked. Andrea's intelligence and free spirit had turned me on like nothing else. She was right. I didn't want to entangle myself in another long term relationship. I wanted sex, pure and simple. The proof was clear - I'd suddenly developed the largest erection of my life. I told Andrea, and she responded with a smile. "Send it to me" she said, flirtatiously. A second later, I did what she said, sending an adult image to a stranger for the first time in my life. What was happening to me? In just one online conversation, I'd become sexually energised like never before.

Andrea Comes Around for NSA Sex and Our Fuck Buddy Adventure Begins

An hour later, Andrea came round. She was 24 years old, taller than she looked, and dressed in a tiny black leather skirt with a blue PVC belt. "Do I look slutty enough?" she asked, innocently. "I'm going to give you something special for your first meet-up." And she did.

In seconds, she was kneeling and taking my cock deep in her mouth and throat. She was insatiable, working my penis like an angel, making me desperate to penetrate her. I raised her head, her eyeliner dripping, her lipstick messed around the edges. She laughed, standing up and holding me around the waist as our lips came together.

"Fuck me, fuck me whenever you like" she commanded. And I did. For months after that, Andrea was my fuck buddy. She was the woman of my dreams, available on demand, with no guilt and no complications. She was the first of many. She revitalised my life, and women like her could do the same for you.

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