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How I met Alice who became my sex friend

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My name is Deon, and I am a 30-year-old fitness professional. I have been working in this job for almost a decade. In that time, I have seen people of all kinds. I have seen people attain the body size they always wanted. However, in matters of love, I have not been lucky. It was especially the case when I met Alice, who is now my fuck buddy. I had been in a two-year relationship that I was sure would lead to better things. However, over time, I found that my girlfriend and I drifted apart. We just did not have a chance to do anything together.

Furthermore, sex with her had become quite bland. The final nail to our dying relationship came on the day she got a job out of town. She never bothered to inform me on the morning she left. She just came to my house after I had left and picked up her belongings. Despite her leaving, it was not disputable that I was great in bed. I suspect that was the main reason that she hung around for so long although I could tell she was not happy. After that, I decide to take a hiatus in relationships for a while. However, that personal promise was almost broken on the day I met Alice. She came to the gym in need of a personal trainer, and I took her on. However, with time we began to talk about more than just her physical fitness.

Making My Move

After talking with Alice, I was sure that she was totally into me. I decided, to be honest about what I thought of her. However, she informed me that she was not ready to get into any relationship. Apparently, her last one had been a disaster that had left her scarred. She wanted no commitments. That sounded like music to my ears. After a few months of working with her, she had transformed into a goddess. I found it hard to believe a 27-year-old beauty like her did not have someone to love her. After talking for a while, I asked her about what she thought of getting a fuck buddy. She feigned shocked at first, but I could see that was what she wanted. We exchanged numbers and began to text each other naughty texts all the time.

She would send me photos that involved more than just her pretty smile. We finally set a date, and I told her she could come over to a nice hotel that I knew. When she arrived, I was amazed by how beautiful she was. I had only seen her in her gym clothes and never before in a sheer, purple blouse and a dark blue mini skirt. As I watched her from the second-floor window of the hotel, I began to get hard. I knew this was going to be one of the best experiences of my life. I was not afraid of being able to please. However, I was worried she would not keep up with my sexual energy. It turned out there was no reason for me to worry. She was equally a match in every way to my prowess and energy.

Getting it on

As she knocked on the door, my mind rushed back to all those steamy conversations we had shared with her. At times, it left me dazed just thinking of her luscious body and she was telling me over the phone. I could hardly believe that time had finally come when she had to put up. I opened the door for her, and she glided into the room. As I turned towards her, I could see she had a nervous but gorgeous smile on her. I moved over to where she stood gracefully and without a word I lay a kiss on her. Our lips were locked in a deep and sensual kiss that sent waves throughout my body. As I pulled away from her, I looked deep into her blue eyes, and we just stood there temporarily dazed.

After kissing a few more times passionately, we were ready to go. I had a feeling that she would be a great fuck buddy. I pushed her gently towards the bed until she was finally lying on the bed. I undid her top and proceeded to unclasp her bra with just one hand. At that moment, she knew she was dealing with a pro.

My other hand proceeded to explore her beautiful tits. I buried my face in her tits, and she began to let out small groans of satisfaction. Her nipples became harder as I sucked on them gently while I massaged her tits with my hands.

I kissed her neck, her lips, and finally moved down to her midsection. I hiked up her tiny skirt to reveal red panties that were soaked with her juices. I pulled them off gently to reveal her glistening pussy lips. Things were about to get interesting.

A Pummeling Like She Had Never Experienced

I slowly began to kiss her inner thighs as her pussy began to pulsate and let out more pussy juice in anticipation. My hands continued to rub her tits gently. I used my tongue to tease her pussy until it was soaking wet. By now, the sheets had all been drenched in her juices, and the aroma was exciting. I used one hand to part her engorged pussy lips to expose her pink sweetness. I immediately began to suck and lick her swollen cunt until she was begging me to do it. At that point, I got on my knees and pulled off my boxers. When she saw how big it was, she gasped a bit but then there was a huge smile on her face.

"Fuck me!" she begged in between moans of pleasure. I positioned myself for the showdown as she parted her thighs in anticipation of what was about to hit her. I split her wet slit with my cock and her hips responded by moving upwards to meet me. Her pussy was completely soaked, but it still wrapped tightly around me. At first, I stroke her gently, and she joined me in the rhythm with her hips. "Ahh, that feels good," she said as we began kissing again. After a while she wanted me to go harder and faster. I plunged into her as hard as I could.

I wanted her to scream out in ecstasy for me. I re-positioned her legs on my shoulders and continued to plunge into her as hard as I could. She let out a loud cry as the grip of her pussy became tighter around my cock. I could not take how tight and good that felt and we came together. As we lay there in each others arms, I knew I had found a fuck friend who could take what I had to give.

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