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The Perks of Having a Fuck Buddy Nanny

naked blonde girl sitting in her bed lascivious
"She looked excited at the prospect of what was about to come next"

This is a story about a nanny we employed, a woman from Sweden, whose name is Freja. She’s been working in my house for very long time. Almost 5 years. At first, it was more like I was taking care of her, more than she was working for us because she was young and we had to get her used to our routines. She played well with the kids, too. But over time, she learned how to clean and do the laundry. My wife was the one who did all the training, and I rarely spoke to her, but sometimes I would make small talk, as it was quite natural for someone living in the same house. She was quite skinny, but she wasn't bony... her shorts were always a bit too loose because her thighs were very lean. Sometimes I could peep through the loose shorts and see her underwear. I had memorized almost all the underwear she wore, because she wasn't shy about drying them out in the front yard, where the sunlight was the best. Sometimes I would look at the panties on the laundry rack and get a small boner, thinking about the sweet pink pussy they must've been covering and what an excellent fuck buddy she would have been.

But besides airing her “clean” laundry out in the backyard, Freja was a very shy girl. She never spoke to me first, unless I spoke to her first. And she always tried to avoid me being together in the same room when my wife wasn't also in the same room. It was as if she could sense the dirty thoughts I had for her, even if I never showed it. One morning, my wife took the children to her mother's house, and left me home alone, and told me that she won't be back until very late. She mentioned that Freja would cook dinner and kissed me goodbye. Of course, it wasn’t the first time I had been left home alone with Freja but it was the first time my wife would be gone overnight.

When the Cats Are Away...

I spent the day attending to business calls and played a little golf with friends. When I returned, it was with a bit of an appetite. I decided to first take a shower and then come downstairs. When it started to get dark, I got hungry, and remembered my wife telling me that Freja would cook dinner, so I started to look for her, but I couldn't find her anywhere. I suddenly realized that the house was extremely quiet. Usually my house is very noisy because of the children, but today, their absence was clearly felt.

I wanted to shout her name, but I didn't want to break the silence, so I just walked around the house, aimlessly searching for Freja. After searching the whole house and not finding Freja, I went to her room, because it was the one place I hadn't thought of looking yet. Her door was open, and she was sleeping on the bed. All the quietness must've made her feel relaxed. I didn't mean to go in, but I found myself sitting on the corner of her bed, looking at the bright blond girl who was sleeping on her side, hugging a pillow. She looked so peaceful in her sleep. I was surprised to see that she had very good shape. Her legs were straight and long, her skin was smooth and healthy. I saw her sleeping face and she was pretty.

...The Fuck Buddy Will Play

Suddenly I felt a bulge, rising under my pants. Quietly I sat there, and examined the legs that here carelessly spread in a precarious position that allowed me a peep into the space between of her thighs, and surprisingly I did not see her underwear, but I saw something that I thought was her pussy. My dick was now fully grown, and pulsating in my pants. I moved carefully around the bed, to get the better angle, and closer view of it.

It was exactly what I had dreamed it would look like, only prettier. My dick was now suffocating in my pants. I had to be released. I dipped my hand under my pants and grabbed my dick. And slowly jerked it, while I took another good look at the space between her smooth thighs. She was so heavily in her sleep, I was only growing braver. I daringly grabbed her shorts, and pulled it down slowly, to reveal the hidden gem, and the soft hair around it was a fantastic sight to behold.

My dick surely would have exploded, had I not stopped jerking it. Then suddenly, she flipped over and and laid on her back, her eyes open and looking at me in shock. Even though she tried to hurry and sit up, she couldn't because her shorts where pulled down to her knees, and she fell back on her back, with her hands covering her pussy. I was afraid she might scream, so I quickly put my hand over her mouth, and whispered, "Don't be scared. Just listen for a second.”

Good girl that Freja was, she listened. For a brief second, she tried to undo my hand, but quickly she gave in. She looked visible scared at first...but she also looked excited at the prospect of what was about to come next. I said, "I'm not going to tell anyone, if you don't tell anyone. I can be your fuck buddy. You can be my fuck buddy. What do you think?” She didn't reply, but she gave me a very slight nod of her head to show that she understood and agreed. Since I knew she was in no danger of screaming anymore, I removed my hand from her mouth and kissed her on her lips.

The First Time But Not The Last

She flexed all the muscles on her body, then she released. She eased up on me, and I was now feeling her pussy with my hand... I raised her T shirt to reveal her small breasts, and licked on the nipples and it made her to twist her body as if she was being tortured. I continued to lick them while at the same time intruding her pussy with my finger. She arched her sexy body into mine and her tits were raised into the air so sensually. Then she eagerly pushed her pelvic bones towards my hand, deepening the intrusion of my fingers into her. Soon it was wet, and we were ready to fuck.The soft hair on her pussy was almost invisible.

My huge dick seemed too big at first, but slowly it disappeared, inch by inch, until she let out a small scream and tried to push away from the direction of my intruding dick. And that's when I slowly removed my cock from her vagina, and when it was completely out, she pushed herself towards it again, making it a perpetual motion. Slowly going in... and slowly coming out... we repeated this over the next half an hour... we didn't make big, strong moves, we just tried to feel each other with our dick and pussy.

At first, I could only push half of my dick in her tiny pussy, but she was always making it go deeper and deeper with each passing stroke. And before I knew it, she had pushed herself all the way in, wrapping all of my dick with her tight but flexible pussy. I held my dick at the deepest part of her hole, and when I couldn't take it anymore and it got too much to hold, I thrusted in another inch with a hard push and with that, I unloaded a huge cum in her hole. My cum spewed out of her tightly plugged hole.... and we watched it drip down to her ass... and onto the bed sheet. I must've cum for at least ten seconds. Convulsion after convulsion, I had spit out enormous amount of cum into her tiny hole.

And once I was finished ejaculating, I slowly pulled out of her tight hole, and when my dick had finally came out, a gush of white fluid emptied from her freshly fucked red pussy.I went to my room and took a long bath, and Freja came downstairs to cook me a dinner. My wife and kids ended up leaving a message and telling me they wouldn’t be staying the night after all. Lucky I did my fuck buddy before, I thought. They came home very late, and they quickly fell asleep, due to all the activities they had done during the day. As for me, I sneaked to Freja's room in the middle of the night, and me and my new fuck buddy fucked two more times, before I returned to my room, where my wife was still fast asleep. From this day, she has been a very good fuck buddy.

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